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 Time Payments 


   Due to numerous complications, I no longer encourage time payments. The time, expense and potential complications are too costly.

    However, I understand that there are responsible buyers that wish to lock-up an EXPENSIVE book – OR – a GROUP of smaller but costly books while arranging payment.
    Therefore, I will reserve a book(s) [withholding from sale] -- while a buyer pays over-time, providing that they agree to the following terms:
   1] DOWN PAYMENT: At LEAST 33% down payment -- where the book will be OFFICIALLY and exclusively on RESERVE -- as soon as I receive the down payment.
   2] RESERVE TIME: I offer a 30-90 day reserve window [depending upon the BOOK(s) -- and -- the BUYER] for the balance. The SHORTER the time payment window chosen by the buyer, the LOWER the FINAL price.
   3] PAYMENT BALANCE: The balance [The amount left after the down payment] should be sent every MONTH – in equal amounts.
   4] PURCHASE CANCELLATION: In the event that the buyer cancels the transaction [for ANY reason], the "buyer" shall have their REFUND returned to them in the form of CREDIT -- EQUAL to the amount paid at the time of cancellation.
   This is the ONLY reasonable solution I have found to the problem of reserving a book(s) [say for up to 3-MONTHS], only to have the transaction cancelled by the buyer for ANY number of possible reasons [some good, some ridiculous] – meaning that the book(s) has been UNAVAILABLE for sale to any other buyer for that LOST time period.
   If the “buyer” receives his refund in the form of credit, then I know that a “sale” of SOME book(s) will take place. This sale is my compensation for the IDLE book(s) that was on reserve – but NOT sold as a result of a 
canceled transaction.

  Please email me with any questions you may have about this policy, or to obtain additional information that has not been covered.

  Thank you, RM

Updated: May 19, 2015