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Since 1972




              TOMORROWS TREASURES [Since 1972]


                          ACTIVE OFFERS INFO: 

     In order to encourage lively negotiations that may help a buyer to secure a purchase, I suggest using the --- "MAKE AN OFFER" --- option, available on ALL my WEBSITE listings --- with the following guidelines that should cover most buyers' legitimate concerns.







    ALL of my WEBSITE books are listed with an attempt to have the PRICE of each book reflect the CURRENT average MARKET price --- referencing the Price Guide, GPA, auction, recent actual sales and most important --- the current market price TREND or direction.  


In addition, please consider that CURRENT --- ACCURATE market information is NOT a science [ALL prices are interpretive ESTIMATES] and is NEVER --- TOTAL, COMPLETE, or FINAL. 

    After receiving a SATISFACTORY offer for any of these ACTIVE LISTINGS --- I will immediately ACCEPT.      All OFFERS that I consider reasonable and worthy of consideration --- but are presently unacceptable, will receive a note of appreciation that is intended to encourage the prospective buyer to RE-CONSIDER submitting an adjusted offer.




      I appreciate it when anyone takes the time to carefully consider my WEBSITE listings --- however, in order to REDUCE the inconvenient possibility of a "DOUBLE-SALE" on an on-line book --- I do NOT send counter-offers --- which eliminates the unpredictable time DELAY waiting for a COUNTER-OFFER  response.


     Please consider: this SAME offer/sales delay occurs when an on-line buyer submits an offer --- then BUYS the same book from another source BEFORE I see his offer and can send a POSITIVE sales response.


     Therefore --- ALL of my on-line sales will be INSTANTANEOUS  --- meaning either that the buyer has CLOSED the listing at the listed price --- OR --- I have personally closed the listing by ACCEPTING his offer ASAP. 


                          “BOTTOM-LINE PRICE”:

    I do NOT know what my “BOTTOM-LINE PRICE” is, on any book --- UNTIL I receive and consider a reasonable offer that I choose to accept.


    If you are a serious prospective buyer, either a PURCHASE or a genuine OFFER will receive the proper attention … ASAP.   


                               PACKAGE DEAL: 


    The ONLY way to receive a “PACKAGE-DEAL” on a group of WEBSITE books is to email me with your chosen list of books and YOUR "package" OFFER --- I will gladly respond without delay.


                             ADDITIONAL INFO:  

I appreciate the interest in any of my listings, however, ALL listed books are STORED in my warehouse after they are uploaded and therefore I do not have the easy access necessary for the purpose of providing ADDITIONAL listing info requests.



                           PROFESSIONAL HISTORY:  

 *** I have been buying, reading and COLLECTING comic books since 1959. ***

*** I have been BUYING and SELLING comic books ---- full time ---- since 1972. ***



    I have been BUYING vintage comic books since 1972 --- If you have any VINTAGE books [1933-1979] for sale, contact me BEFORE you sell your books for LESS.

Updated: March 28, 2016