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Since 1972



  • I have been buying, reading, and collecting comic books since 1959.

  • I have been BUYING…and SELLING comic books…..FULL TIME….since 1972.

  • I started reading comic books in 1959. I soon discovered that comic books [for a young or illiterate reader] were an easy and potent introduction to the benefits of reading……..and an unparalleled fantasy factory that was a lot of fun too!

  • From 1959-1972 I kept all of the books I could get. Many books were given to me as large collections…..for FREE….if I could just come to pick them up and TAKE THEM AWAY! Many times, I would walk MILES [back and forth] to bring these books home. I had a large room and plenty of storage space for the THOUSANDS of comic books I bought, found or saved from the oblivion of the garbage can.

  • Almost all of the books that I accumulated from this time were from ORIGINAL COLLECTIONS [books bought and preserved by the ORIGINAL buyers] because the SECONDARY MARKET for back issue comic books was confined to a small number of “comic book” stores in a few big cities and a scattered and unknown number of second-hand book stores that started to sell old comic books [ANY comic book…. the title, number and condition were irrelevant] for the exorbitant price of……. 2 for a nickel.

  • In 1972, I was temporarily out of work and in need of money. I was one of the 1st and certainly the longest lasting comic book seller at the Aquaduct New York area Flea market. Throughout the 1970’s, active in my new job as a New York area comic book dealer, I purchased countless ORIGINAL collections at Flea Markets, through newspaper ads and local comic conventions.

  • Currently, I sell old comic books through my WEBSITE, eBay, in-person EVENTS and at comic book conventions throughout the U.S.A. --- I have attended and sold at MORE comic book conventions…….in almost 50 years…. than ANYONE [3,000+]. 

Updated: August 30, 2010