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                           UPDATED  5/1/2020



   May 1 2020  


   dear customer,


   The increasing costs of selling quality books on-line has made it imperitive that I notify my WEBSITE buyers so that they can CHOOSE the BEST way to make an ON-LINE  purchase.


    I can no longer offer WEBSITE buyers :


   1] a negotiated DISCOUNT


   2] NO FEE shipping,


   3]NO-FEE payment of all taxes --- AND ---  continue to SUBSIDISE a 3rd party money transfer [PayPal] payment. 


   These escalating on-line transaction costs shift the BEST books at the BEST prices to NO-FEE sales zones [EVENTS, CONVENTIONS, MEETINGS].



    In the interest of keeping GOOD books available to my on-line customers, I am now giving each buyer an option on each transaction --- to pay with a NO-FEE money transfer payment [a CHECK] --- OR --- you can still use PayPal at a discounted 2% fee added to the purchase price --- which has NO other added fees [shipping, handling, taxes]. 









 Jan. 6 2020


Dear Customer, 


I have recently received emails inquiring as to where the thousands of WEBSITE listings have gone?




All uncertified books listed on the WEBSITE that remained unsold as of Dec. 15th was SOLD --- at my annual --- END-OF-YEAR warehouse sale.


ALL new, uncertified WEBSITE books that are a part of newly acquired collections --- then uploaded and listed EACH year --- and then remain unsold as of Dec. 15th --- will be SOLD --- wholesale at my annual WAREHOUSE end-of-year clearance sale.


Due to the volume of labor that requires TIME I no longer have, most NEWLY acquired --- CERTIFIED and UNCERTIFIED books will NO longer be uploaded for WEBSITE listing. These NEW books will be viewed and sold --- IN-PERSON --- at CONVENTIONS, EVENTS, and private MEETINGS.


My WEBSITE will now feature a FRACTION --- [a SELECT group] of the books that I have currently for sale.


However, I invite any WEBSITE customer who is may still be interested in these “hidden” --- unlisted books [certified or uncertified] BEFORE they are sold, to email me a WANT-LIST and they will receive a personal notice with a 1st option to buy as soon as any NEW books arrive.



In addition, my eBay listings have been reduced and will now have a SMALL, PARTIAL selection of the books I have listed on my WEBSITE ---- and they will continue to be uploaded AFTER they appear for the 1st time on my WEBSITE.



This means that my WEBSITE customers will still have the FIRST on-line access to any of the BEST books that are WEBSITE listed.


Updated: January 13, 2014