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Trade-In Policy

Updated: January 06, 2011




   Any book purchased from TOMORROW'S TREASURES -----  can be traded-in for ANY copy of the SAME book, and you will receive at LEAST what you paid for the book in trade value toward a HIGHER grade copy.

  This option is usually taken when a buyer of a LOW grade copy of a book [a book BOUGHT from tomorrow\'s Treasures, at any time in the past when either a better grade copy was unavailable, or the buyer lacked funds for the better copy] wants to trade-in the LOW grade copy in exchange for a part payment for a HIGHER grade copy.

  For example: A copy of Spiderman #1 purchased for $2,000.00 in January can be used as a TRADE-IN for a $4,000.00 copy in August ---- with only an additional $2,000.00.

  This customer policy means that you can always UPGRADE ---- without penelty.