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"Pedigree" Comics

Updated: August 30, 2010

I do not recognize the necessity to advertise the provenance of any book I have listed for sale. I believe that the over-riding purpose for creating a “PEDIGREE” [“Mile High”, “Gaines”, “Stan Lee” etc.] market was to INCREASE the profit margins of the sellers of “pedigree” books by artificially increasing the desirability of a book.

I do not recall [“Mile High” was the 1st] ------- at the beginning of the “PEDIGREE” market [1970’s] witnessing a groundswell of popular demand from the buyers of vintage comic books  for information on WHERE the book came from ----- or WHO was the ORIGINAL owner.

I think that the provenance of a comic book is ridiculous ------- and that the source of any collectible item becomes important if the item is a UNIQUE personal creation [painting, sculpture, autograph etc.] Comic books are ------- MASS PRODUCED…….machine made items. The ONLY factors that I recognize as important in determining the VALUE of a used comic book is: TITLE, NUMBER, GRADE.

Even if you buy a “MILE HIGH” comic book ----- today, the book you buy has been stored [who knows where?] in a NON-MILE HIGH environment for a LONGER time than the original “Mile High” storage. Therefore…….. you cannot possibly count on the original “Mile High” page quality or condition after 30 years of Indeterminate  storage.