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Updated: August 30, 2010

This website is dedicated to the BUYING and SELLING of vintage [1933-1975] comic books.

As a result of an active and long term personal history [OVER 50 YEARS!] within the comic book market, I have been able to READ many, if not most of the books that I sell.

I consider the comic book format to be a uniquely American invention....with a powerfully stimulating format [an engrossing combination of illustrations and words] for the transmission of the American cultural scene.

In addition, over this 50 year span, I have been on hand to view...from the start, the many changes in the comic book market place [stores, price-guides, grading standards, conventions, fanzines, restoration, mail-order, pedigrees, auctions, packaging (plastic bags, boards, archival plastic...etc) internet sales and “slabbing”].

Most of these market additions and refinements have been necessary and beneficial, while some [are detrimental by way of irresponsible claims or needless third party interference] only serve to raise the COST of a simple comic book TRANSACTION.