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Updated: August 30, 2010

All "GRADES" are convenient, time-saving, and SUBJECTIVE LABELS used by SELLERS…..INSTEAD of a longer, more DETAILED description of the overall CONDITION of the book.

All “GRADES” have traditional, commonly understood “meanings” that have evolved [slowly] since their beginning in 1970.

All “GRADES” become necessary, during the process of EVALUATING and PRICING, for the purpose of SELLING a book [when the book is NOT available for personal inspection by the potential BUYER….BEFORE the purchase].

All “GRADES” are MEANINGLESS…..until, and UNLESS they are used for the purpose of SELLING a book, and are validated…ONLY when the BUYER and SELLER finally agree on the overall CONDITION of the book.

A “qualified” grade is a “GRADE” [ex. “VG, VF”] that has a QUALIFICATION [meaning a defect] to the overall “grade” given….that cannot be in a raw, UNQUALIFIED grade. In particular, a qualified: “VF” book… a VF book with ALL of the usual expectations of a VF book…..BUT….there is the presence of a minor DEFECT [usually a tear, or crease] that CANNOT be assumed in an UNQUALIFIED grade. Now if there is more than a MINOR defect(s) to the book….then the GRADE of the book is dropped to where these defect(s) are expected.