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Updated: August 30, 2010


I have not “SLABBED’ a book ---- UNTIL April 2015.


I have left my ORIGINAL "slabbing" POLICY INFO ---  INTACT, and you will find this original 19 year policy below.

I find it unnecessary to burden the buyer with the added cost of paying for an inconsistent, undefined, and more importantly an UNACCOUNTABLE  "slabbing" service of DUBIOUS value by a BIASED 3rd party.

CONSIDER: The seller sponsers the "slabbing" of  EVERY book by PAYING the "SLAB" company to describe a book. The seller would NOT pay for this "service" UNLESS the eventual BUYER is willing to pay MORE by not only RE-IMBURSING the seller for his "SLAB" fees, but rewarding the seller with a HIGHER sale price!

Remember: the "SLAB" company is ALWAYS paid DIRECTLY by the SELLER, and KNOWS that if their customer [the seller] does NOT yield a HIGHER PRICE for the books that they submit for "grading", then they have NO incentive to CONTINUE to "SLAB" books for sale. Therefore it is necessary for the "SLAB" company to OVERGRADE a book to insure a HIGHER price. Should anyone REALLY believe the claim that their "service" is that of an UNBIASED 3rd party?

A buyer's BEST average long term value when purchasing vintage COMIC BOOKS, is to buy ONLY from reputable dealers with a 100% unconditional return policy  GUARANTEE AND one who applies CONSISTANT and DEFINED grading standards for the books that they sell.

The ONLY “slabbed” books I have sold --- until 4/2015 [a few a year], are JOINTLY owned.

ALL of the “slabbed’ books that I have purchased, are "LIBERATED" from the slab as soon as I buy them --- UNLESS the book is a HIGH-GRADE/HIGH VALUE book.




I have always said that the CERTIFYING of COMIC BOOKS for their AUTHENTICITY, COMPLETENESS and a RESTORATION check are a worthwhile reason to purchase a "SLABBED" book. 

However, I STILL maintain that the "GRADE" is biased, unnecessary  and completely divorced from the effects of being  --- WRONG.

Furthermore, I have also supported the idea that a HIGH-VALUE or INVESTMENT GRADE book ---- for PROTECTION ---  does NOT need to be touched or read --- there are usually reprints or low grade copies for this purpose.

In addition, I have always said that WHEN and IF  my customers demanded that they want their books "SLABBED" --- so that they cannot touch or READ them, I would then HAVE to "SLAB" books. 

Well, it is now apparent that SOME of my customers are making this demand. I have just recently noticed that almost ALL of the books that I have for sale that have a value of $500.00 or MORE --- and are graded at VF/NM [9.0] or BETTER, [HIGH VALUE/HIGH-GRADE] sell at a MUCH slower rate than the same book in LOWER grade at a LOWER price. 

The people who buy HIGH-GRADE/HIGH VALUE books are a very SMALL segment of the comic book market, but it is the CERTIFYING for their AUTHENTICITY, COMPLETENESS and a RESTORATION check that they are looking for when they buy a book that SHOULD be protected from damage by "SLABBING".


I still believe that OVER 99% of ALL comic books should NOT be encased in a "SLAB" --- there is simply NO need.

I will STILL be selling MOST of my books [these are VINTAGE, HISTORICAL 3-dimentional objects for reading] WITHOUT the benefit of "slabbing".

I will be "SLABBING" [for the purpose of PROTECTION and CERTIFICATION] selected books of HIGH VALUE and/or HIGH-GRADE.