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Updated: March 28, 2016




ACTIVE LISTING OFFERS: in order to encourage genuine negotiations that may help a buyer secure a DISCOUNTED purchase, I have provided a ---   "MAKE-AN-OFFER"  --- option on ALL my listings, with the following guideline that should cover MOST buyers' legitimate concerns.  


I appreciate when anyone takes the time to carefully consider my listings --- especially when they make a GENUINE offer that is reasonably close to my listed price.

       With all the effort involved in maintaining a GROWING selection of QUALITY books, I no longer have the TIME to try and convince a prospective buyer that they should increase their offer on a book that I have already tried to DISCOUNT --- BEFORE listing.


My NEW WEBSITE policy is SIMPLE: Almost ALL listed books have been REDUCED in PRICE before uploading in an attempt to bring the LISTED PRICE of each book BELOW the current average MARKET price [ referencing the Price Guide, GPA, and RECENT actual SALES ].  

       It will be OBVIOUS that the RARER and/or more DESIRABLE the book, the smaller the DISCOUNTED price needs to be to attract a serious buyer --- with SOME of the most desirable books listed at no apparent discount. 

       In addition, please consider that market information is NEVER --- TOTAL, COMPLETE, or FINAL. As a result, after reciving an offer for any of these ACTIVE LISTINGS, I may RE-EVALUATE the book using the most CURRENT, UP-TO-DATE market info --- and then --- LOWER or RAISE the listed price --- IMMEDIATELY.


3] I have found that almost all buyers of VALUABLE books have taken the time to personally EVALUATE each listed book, using SIMILAR reference criteria --- BEFORE they make a purchase.

    Therefore, many buyers now pay the LISTED WEBSITE price [sometimes after they have submitted an offer that was politely declined] in order to avoid the RISK of losing the book to an eager buyer who IMMEDIATELY recognizes the VALUE of the DISCOUNTED listed price --- and CLOSES the listing.

    Consequently, many times while a potential buyer is either considering a book or submitting an offer, the listed book will just DISAPPEAR [poof!] --- GONE from the WEBSITE --- meaning that the discounted book SOLD on the WEBSITE, on eBay or in a private transaction [snooze & loose].


4] The astute and knowledgeable buyer will notice that SOME books have a LARGER listed discount. This means that MANY listed books will SELL --- at the CURRENT DISCOUNTED listed price --- WITHOUT any additional "make-an-offer" discount.

       Please consider and remember the above BEFORE you make a decision on ANY of the WEBSITE listings.


5] I know this NEW policy alters the nature of the -- "MAKE-AN-OFFER" -- option, however, it is as EASY as A-B-C:

       A] If I consider the "OFFER" unreasonable, I will just CANCEL by DELETING.

       B] When I consider the OFFER reasonable, but insufficient at the time, I will send a sincere response to the potential buyer thanking them for their offer. 

              This means that ANY response you receive for your offer is an invitation to re-consider and submit ANOTHER offer --- while the listing remains ACTIVE.

       C] When I consider an OFFER reasonable, I will SOLD.


    Finally ---
 I do NOT send counter-offers!


    Well.... after assessing the recent RESULTS of this NEW WEBSITE DISCOUNTED sales policy, I find that it is UNNECESSARY and IMPRACTICAL to engage in negotiating DELAYS that occur with considering, sending and WAITING for the results of COUNTER-OFFERS while other offers for the SAME book demand IMMEDIATE attention.

          PLEASE do NOT ask for a "BOTTOM LINE" price --- I have time [and I am happy] to respond only --- to REAL offers --- ASAP.